Rogers 14×5″ Dyna-Sonic, 5-Line 10-Lug, Snare Drum 1960s – Chrome over Brass – $522.00

Rogers 14x5" Dyna-Sonic, 5-Line 10-Lug, Snare Drum 1960s - Chrome over Brass

Rogers 14×5″ Dyna-Sonic, 5-Line 10-Lug, Snare Drum 1960s – Chrome over Brass – $522.00

Rogers 14×5″ Dyna-Sonic Snare Drum with Beavertail Lugs 2020s – Fruitwood Stain – $899.00

Rogers 14x5" Dyna-Sonic Snare Drum with Beavertail Lugs 2020s - Fruitwood Stain

Rogers 14×5″ Dyna-Sonic Snare Drum with Beavertail Lugs 2020s – Fruitwood Stain – $899.00

Rogers 14×5″ Dyna-Sonic Snare Drum 1960s – White Marine Pearl, Stunning! – $2,499.00

Rogers 14×5″ Dyna-Sonic Snare Drum 1960s – White Marine Pearl Immaculate, Vintage, 1960s Rogers 14×5″ Dyna-Sonic Snare Drum. The previous owner has kept this drum in meticulous condition. The Dyna-Sonic Snare Drum (36WMP) has a 5-Ply maple shell. This Rogers Snare Drum has a triple-flanged hoop with snare gates, 10 Beavertail lugs, 45-degree bearing edges, … Read More

Ringo Starr, Starr Festival Limited Edition Snare Drum, $31,436.00 ONLY 1 LEFT!!

Ringo Starr Starr festival Snare drum

Ringo Starr, Starr Festival Limited Edition Snare Drum, $31,436.00 ONLY 1 LEFT!! Ringo Starr played the same Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl Jazz Festival snare drum on almost every song he ever performed or recorded with The Beatles. The snare was part of the first Ludwig Oyster Black drum set he purchased in 1963, just months … Read More

Tony Lewis, Vintage Drum Good Guy passes 12/21/2017

We lost one of our best vintage drum friends right before Christmas. Tony Lewis was one of the most well respected and knowledgeable guys in the vintage drum community. I first met Tony about 30 years ago when I was just getting interested in vintage drums. He was already well established and had been collecting … Read More

Chick Webb Documentary “The Savoy King”.

Check out this fantastic documentary of Chick Webb, “The Savoy King”. Webb, a hunchbacked dwarf who died at the age of 30, is considered by many to be the greatest drummer to ever live however he remains largely unknown. Includes interviews with with Charlie Watts and Roy Haynes. Every drummer should check this out. Great … Read More

Elvin Jones’s Drum Set Collection Video

Elvin Jones Drum set video

Check out this video. We feature 3 of Elvin Jones’s drum sets from our collection. You’ll see Elvin’s Tama/Camco set, his Tama Crestar set and his Yamaha Maple Custom set, all played by the rather amazing Chris Hankins. It was so cool to have all 3 of these sets, along with Zildjian and Istanbul cymbals … Read More

Joe Hibbs, The most beloved man in the entire drum industry.

The great Joe Hibbs

We lost one of the greats yesterday. I could go on an on about Joe Hibbs. He was loved by everyone who knew him. He was a dear friend and mentor. He taught me so much about the drum industry and life. The world could use a lot more people like him. This hit me … Read More

DRUM! Magazine Time Capsules Article, 11/13, Tre Cool’s Burnt Up Greenday Drumset

Tre Cool Slingerland

For a few years Tre Cool had an interesting habit of destroying drum sets. Read the whole story from my 11/13 DRUM! Magazine, Time Capsules column at the link below. Enjoy!!

DRUM! Magazine, Time Capsules Article 12/14, Tony Williams’ Mysterious 1996 Zildjians

Tony Williams' 1996 Zildjians

Shortly before Tony Williams passed in 1996 he signed this set of cymbals for a Zildjian promotion. What happened after that is still a mystery. Read the whole story from my 12/14 DRUM! Magazine, Time Capsules column at the link below. Enjoy!! D222_140_TimeCapsule        

Canopus Baseball Bat Internal Muffler, All good things come back around, only better the second time!

Canopus Baseball Bat Muffler CIM-20

Canopus CIM-20 Baseball Bat Inner Muffler The great minds at Canopus drums have re-created one of the most ingenious drum accessories of all time. Their CIM -20 Baseball Bat Inner Muffler picks up where the legendary Ludwig internal “Baseball Bat” muffler left off with a couple really versatile and useful updates. For many years an … Read More

Great article about The Elvin Jones Drum Collection by

Elvin Jones' Zildjian 20" K Ride cymbal

I had a great conversation with Matt Biancardi at earlier this month. We talked in great detail about the Elvin Jones drum collection and my extreme good fortune to have been able to acquire it. Acquiring this monumental collection and the relationships I’ve made with countless drummers as a result of it has been … Read More

Bobby Keyes, Ian Maclagan R.I.P 12/3/14

Ian Maclagan and Donn

We lost 2 of the greatest rock and rollers of all time in the last couple days. What these 2 guys did for rock and roll is impossible to measure. Without a doubt rock and roll would not sound the same with out the contributions of Bobby Keys and Ian (Mac) Maclagan. If you‚ are not … Read More

Top Hat and Cane Restoration Article, Not So Modern Drummer 6/14

Ludwig Top Hat and Cane Wood Hoop Set

When the guys at NSMD magazine heard about the restoration of my 3 Top Hat sets they requested an article about the whole process. This is the kind of things that vintage drum fans (like me) go crazy about. The article just came out. It was fun to write. I found myself in awe of … Read More

Top Hat and Cane Restoration Complete!! 5/23/13

The Ludwig and Ludwig 1940s Top Hat and Cane “Swing Sensation” model drum set is considered by most collectors to be the most sought after of all vintage drum sets. They were made for a very short period in the early to mid 1940s. It was the absolute top of the line in the entire … Read More

Ringo Starr Video Shoot 3/19

Ringo Starr Video Shoot 3/19

Ringo Starr Video Shoot 3/19 Ringo Starr is getting ready to go on tour with another Ringo Starr’s All Starr band. They’re coming to Seattle in July. I will definitely be there. His shows are always a blast. He was doing a video shoot yesterday up in the Hollywood hills. Here’s a shot of his … Read More

Simon Phillips, Steve Smith, Hiromi, Jazz Alley 3/19

Steve Smith, SiMON Phillips, Hiromi

My week started out looking like the most exciting thing I’d be doing this week was holing up in my office posting cymbals on my website. Monday afternoon I get a call from the legendary Simon Phillips. He says he’ll be in town tomorrow with Japanese jazz pianist Hiromi. He’s renting a kit for the … Read More

Top Hat and Cane Restoration Update, 1/30/14

Ludwig Top Hat and Cane Restoration

Ive been working on a major restoration of a Top Hat and Cane set for nearly a year now. When I got the set it was basically in pretty good shape but was definitely show signs of its 70+ years. The shells were grimy, the nickel hardware had lost all of it’s shine, a few … Read More

Ginger Baker at Jazz Alley Last Night, 10/22/13

Ginger Baker, Alan White, Jazz Alley

  I saw Ginger Baker at Jazz Alley in Seattle last night with his band Jazz Confusion. A pretty amazing experience. It was a great show. I’m going to try to get back there tonight. Ginger Baker is pretty grumpy. I had the good fortune to meet him before the show. He was so cranky … Read More

Daniel Glass visits the shop 10/18

Daniel Glass stopped by the shop yesterday. He was on his way to a gig with the Royal Crown Review swing band up in Bellingham. Daniel recently had a pretty major operation on his bass drum foot. He won’t be able to use it for several weeks. Not enough to stop a pro like Daniel. … Read More

DRUM Magazine Time Capsules Elvin Jones’ Last Yamaha Drumset, 10/13

Some of the greatest experiences and relationships in my professional life have revolved around the huge collection of Elvin’s Jones’s drum gear that I was so fortunate to acquire shortly after he passed. I’ve met so many people via these drums. My life would have turned out much differently had these drums never found there … Read More

DRUM! Magazine Time Capsules, Peter Criss’ KISS Love Gun Snare, 9/13

Here’s the DRUM! Magazine Time Capsules article about Peter Criss’ Love Gun snare. I heard from lots of KISS fans after this article came out. Peter Criss inspired a whole generation of young drummers. I heard so many stories that went something like “I saw Peter play that drum with KISS back in 1977 and … Read More

Kenny Aronoff helps Seattle Seahawks set new world record.

Kenny Aronoff with Seahawks Blue Thunder

On September 15th Kenny Aronoff came to town to help the Seattle Seahawks set a new world record for the loudest stadium on the planet. Kenny is one of the most powerful drummers ever so it made perfect sense to bring him in to help crank up the volume at Century Link Field. Kenny and … Read More

DRUM! Magazine, Stan Lynch’s Tom Petty, Tama Imperialstar Drumset 5/13

Stan Lynch, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers drum set

  Here’s my Drum! Magazine Time Capsules column from May of 2013 about Stan Lynch’s custom Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers drum set. One of the highlights of my job has been getting to know so many of my favorite drummers. Not only is it exciting just to meet the drummers I grew up idolizing … Read More

DRUM! Magazine, Michael Derosier, HEART Set 8/13

I wrote a DRUM! Magazine Time Capsules article about this set back in August/2013. This set was near and dear to me. Michael’s tech Gary Clark used to come into the music store where I used to work in here in Bellevue, WA back in the early 80s. (Does anyone remember Bandstand East? It was … Read More

DRUM! Magazine, Steve Smith’s Custom Radio King 7/13

Here’s my DRUM! Magazine Time Capsules article from July/2013. I acquired several drums from Steve about 15 years ago. This one was so cool I had to hang on to it for awhile. You can see this and lot’s more of the drums I’ve squirreled away in Donn’s Drum Vault

DRUM! Magazine, Hal Blaine Time Capsules Article 6/13

Here’s the article I wrote in DRUM! magazine last June about Hal Blaine’s legendary “Timbale Kit”. Man, if I could have been in the room when he was creating some of the greatest music of all time on this set! The set is currently on display at the shop. It’s also available in Donn’s Drum … Read More

Woodstick 2013 Registration Open Now

Our 11th annual Woodstick Big Beat is happening Sunday November 24th at the Emerald Queen Showroom in Tacoma. At Woodstick we attempt to set a new world record for drummers playing drum sets simultaneously while we raise money to support keeping music in our schools. Any drummer can participate. We have a great line up … Read More

DRUM! Magazine Keith Moon Snare, Time Capsules 3/13

Keith Moon Snare Badge

I’m having a blast writing my monthly TIME CAPSULES article for DRUM! Magazine. Check out this one about Keith Moon’s DRB Special snare. You can see more about this drum on our website at: Keith Moon Snare

DRUM! Magazine, Time Capsules Joey Kramer, Aerosmith Set, 4/13

Joey Kramer Aerosmith Reptile

I’ve been having a blast writing my monthly Time Capsules column for DRUM! magazine. Every issue I write a story about one of the famous drums or sets in my collection. It comes out every month. My column is always on the very last page. Here’s the first one that came out back in the … Read More

Slingerland Radio King Set, IMACULATE!!

Check out this amazing Radio King set I just picked up. I traded a green sparkle Ludwig set to a pretty major record producer in LA for it. The set is a 24,12,13,16 with a matching Radio King snare. Original Slingerland RK calf heads all around. Very minor fading and a little pitting on the … Read More

Buddy Rich’s 1966 Fibes Drumset

I just added some new photos of this set to the website. I got this amazing set several years ago but never had any decent photos of it. I suppose a $29,000 drum set deserves better!! Way back in 1967 a cocktail waitress in a casino in Atlantic City told Buddy that “her son loved … Read More

Kenny Aronoff joins the Seahawks this Sunday 9/15

Drummers!! We’re bringing Kenny Aronoff to town this Sunday, 9/15, to help the Seahawks prove once and for all that Seattle football fans are the loudest fans in the world. Representatives from The Guinness Book of World Records will be at the Seahawks vs. 49rs game this Sunday to prove what we already know, that … Read More

Gene Krupa Collection

Gene Krupa’ Collection Here’s a few cool drum items that belonged to Gene Krupa. First is a 13″ Slingerland Radio King tom with a Gene Krupa Orchestra case. I got this from an older guy in his late 70s about 20 years ago. He told me his friend stole it off of the loading dock … Read More

Ludwig Top Hat and Cane set restoration project.

I’ve been working on restoring a 1941 Ludwig Top Hat and Cane “Swing Sensation” set for the last couple of years. Good things take time. This is definitely a good thing and DEFINITELY taking some time! For those of you who are not familiar with this set the Ludwig Top Hat and Cane set was … Read More

Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz with Ringo Starr’s kit

This story starts somewhere around 2000. Whenever it was it was fairly early in the shops history. I got a call from my good friend Jeff Chonis. He’s been a huge influence in my career and my life. Jeff has been Ringo’s Starr’s tech for around 25 years and has worked with dozens of the … Read More

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