Frankie Banali Cymbal Collection

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All cymbals are hand signed by Frankie Banali and in played but excellent condition. No cracks or damage. No photos or weights available at this time. Each cymbal includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Regina Banali.

SabianHHX - X-Tream Crash18"$450.00
SabianEFX - Chopper12"$250.00
SabianAA - El Sabor Ride20"$400.00
SabianAA - Medium Ride20"$400.00
SabianAPX - Solid Crash20"$400.00
SabianAA - Chinese18"$400.00
SabianJack DeJohnette Encore20"$400.00
SabianPrototype Ride24"$550.00
SabianAA - Flat Bell Ride22"$400.00
SabianAPX - Solid HiHats15"$350.00
SabianCarmine Appice China18"$400.00
SabianAA - Chinese20"$400.00
SabianHH - Duo Ride22"$450.00
SabianHH - Duo Ride22"$450.00
SabianAA - Chester Thompson Ride22"$400.00
SabianHH - Ride22"$450.00
SabianHH - Power Bell Ride22"$450.00
SabianHH - Power Bell Ride22"$450.00
SabianAPX - HiHats15"$325.00
SabianAA - Ride24"$500.00
SabianAPX - Solid Crash18"$400.00
SabianAPX - Crash20"$400.00
SabianAA - Dry Ride21"$400.00
SabianAA - Rock Crash18"$400.00
SabianAA - Rock Crash18"$400.00
SabianHH - EQ HiHats13"$400.00
SabianAA - Rock HiHats14"$425.00
SabianTerry Bozio Radia Bell20"$400.00
SabianTerry Bozio Radia Bell20"$400.00
SabianAPX - Solid Crash18"$400.00
DreamCrash Ride22"$300.00
SabianHammertone Chinese Crescent22"$450.00
Paiste 1970s Black label2002 Sound Edge HiHats14"$495.00
Paiste1970s Black label2002- Crash16"$395.00
Paiste 1970s Black label2002 Ride20"$495.00
ZildjianA - Flat Ride22"$400.00
ZildjianA - Medium Crash20"$400.00
ZildjianA - Medium Crash20"$400.00
ZildjianZ Custom - Medium Crash19"$400.00
Zildjian 1950sVintage HiHat Pair #10715" 930/1157gUnsigned, $499.00
Zildjian 1950sVintage Splash #10312" 400gUnsigned, $199.00
Zildjian 1950sVintage Crash #10518" 1800gUnsigned, $299.00
Zildjian 1950s Vintage HiHat Pair #10613" 450/525gUnsigned, $375
Zildjian 1950s Vintage HiHat Pair #10215" 900/1050gUnsigned $499
Zildjian 1950sVintage Ride w/ 8 Rivets 20" 2100g Unsigned $375
Zildjian 1950sVintage Ride w/ 8 Rivets22" 2455gUnsigned $450
Zildjian 1950s Vintage Ride w/ 8 Rivets24" 3,000gUnsigned $595

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