The Def Leppard Collection

WOW! After 52 years, one of the hardest touring bands ever ar

Def Leppard is HUGE!!. The band began in 1976 as a teenage garage band from Sheffield, England.  Over 100 million albums later the band is still going strong, selling out stadiums all over the planet. The band is one of few artists to earn an RIAA Diamond Award for 10 million albums sold. They are one of only 5 bands to earn an RIAA diamond Award TWICE!! Once for Hysteria and again for Pyromania.

Their songs like Animal, Hysteria, Photograph, Foolin’, Pour Some Sugar and Love Bites inspired generations of rockers and provided a soundtrack to the lives of millions of fans.

We’re so thrilled to present the Def Leppard collection!! The collection includes hundreds of stage and tour used items from each member of Def Leppard. Many are signed by the entire band, all include a COA signed by an individual band member or a Def Leppard ID tag. This massive collection includes items from every era of the band’s 5 decade career. 

Check it out!! Here’s an amazing opportunity to own a true pice of Def Leppard history. Keep checking back, we’re adding more items every day.

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