The Lost Ringo “Pizza Hut” Kit

The Lost Ringo “Pizza Hut” Kit

POSTED ON June 09, 2022

Today we’re checking out a Ringo set that I had never heard of before. It has an interesting backstory and is available at! Ludwig Blue Oyster “Ringo Starr” “Pizza Hut” Super Classic Drumset

The impact that Ringo Starr has made on the drum world cannot be overstated. He inspired generations of drummers. His drums and drumming have inspired endless research into the deepest minutia of every stroke he ever played and every drum or cymbal he ever put a stick to. Subsequent generations had their own “Ringo’s”. Keith Moon, John Bonham, Neal Peart and Taylor Hawkins were their generation’s “Ringo’s”. Even before Ringo and the Beatles, Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa were “Ringos”, but Ringo is the OG! Ringo was an “influencer” long before they even had a word for it!

In 1995 Ringo Starr appeared in a Pizza Hut television commercial (remember television commercials?). I’m a huge Ringo geek. I’m a little amazed that I, nor most of my Ringo “mega-geek” friends had ever heard of this ad. In the ad, Ringo spoofs what appears to be an announcement to re-unite the Beatles, with the announcement of Pizza Hut’s newest pizza crust. Ringo is seated behind this 1964 Ludwig Super Classic drum set, that is almost identical to the set he played for the majority of his years with The Beatles. Let’s face it, Ludwig Oyster Pearl Super Classic drum sets played by Ringo Starr, don’t exactly grow on trees.

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