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DRUM! Magazine Time Capsules, Peter Criss’ KISS Love Gun Snare, 9/13

POSTED ON October 08, 2013

Here’s the DRUM! Magazine Time Capsules article about Peter Criss’ Love Gun snare. I heard from lots of KISS fans after this article came out. Peter Criss inspired a whole generation of young drummers. I heard so many stories that went something like “I saw Peter play that drum with KISS back in 1977 and I decided right there I was going to be a drummer” It reminded me of my own personal story. Just switch “Kenney Jones”,The Faces” and “1972” and you’ve got the story about how I got started playing. I actually tracked Kenney Jones down in England and called him on the phone (way before email) We spent 10 or 15 minutes talking on a few separate calls. He was really nice particularly given the fact that with the time difference I was calling at around 11:00PM!! He told me he still had all of his old Faces Ludwig and Premier drumsets. Oh well …it gives me something to dream about. Enjoy!!

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