Elvin Jones, King Tut, T-Shirt

Elvin Jones, King Tut, T-Shirt

POSTED ON September 03, 2013

I just stumbled on John Dechristopher’s drum blog.For those of you who don’t know John was Zildjian’s artist relations manager for many, many years. He just recently retired. To say he is one of the most well respected people in the drum industry would be a dramatic understatement. Dude is always first class. His blog is similar to mine except he has about a million times better stories!! Here’s a link to his blog. http://johndechristopher.wordpress.com

As I’m going through his old posts I came across this photo with him and Elvin Jones. I noticed the T-shirt Elvin is wearing is one of the shirts I acquired from Elvin’s wife after he passed. I actually bought his entire collection of drums. Pretty much every piece of drum gear he owned during the last 5 decades. Part of this collection were all of the T-shirts Elvin wore onstage with his Elvin Jones Jazz Machine Band. Here’s a link to the Elvin Jones T Shirt collection. VIEW THE COMPLETE ELVIN JONES T-SHIRT COLLECTION

You’ll see this shirt about half way down the page.


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