Alice Cooper Bass Drum Logo Head

Alice Cooper Bass Drum Logo Head

POSTED ON September 03, 2013


I’ve been unpacking what seems like hundreds of boxes of drum gear that I’ve collected over the years and have turned up some amazing treasures. A lot of this stuff I forgot I even had. I’ll be posting in the blog and on the website as I go through all of it. Check out this logo bass drum head from Alice Cooper’s last tour signed by all of the band members. AC was one of the first bands I ever saw in concert. It was the Billion Dollar Babies tour in the early 70s. I remember that show like it was yesterday. That band definitely left it’s mark on me. They redefined what a rock concert is. AC is still one of my all time favorites. I talk to original AC group drummer Neil Smith periodically. He’s currently a very high end real estate dealer on the est coast. A very interesting guy. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m talking to him. He was such a HUGE idol/influence of mine as a kid. I also got to invite the AC band to join us on stage at lat year’s Woodstick where we played I’m Eighteen and Schools out along with 300+ drummers! I see Alice Cooper will be back in town with his current drummer Glen Sobel on 11/15. You can bet I’ll be there.

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