Donn and Dave Palmer (Rod Stewart) – Blog #1

Donn and Dave Palmer (Rod Stewart) – Blog #1

POSTED ON May 10, 2011


People have been telling me for years that I need to start writing a blog. After years of procrastinating and a couple false starts welcome to my first entry. There always seems to be something interesting going on around here and I’ll try to keep you up on all the latest. I’ll keep them brief and resist the temptation to ramble on. Check it out. Please let me know what you think.




David Palmer, Rod Stewart’s drummer for over 20 years stopped into the shop yesterday. He picked up a really cool 60s Ludwig downbeat piccolo snare and left me with his tartan finish (custom Stewart family tartan wrap by Scott Rockenfield’s Rockenwraps) DW snare for our celebrity drum museum. Both he and Rod signed the drum. We’ll have it up and on display today. Check out the pics. We look like a couple of nut cases. Probably because we’re so geeked out about our new snares!!

David is an extremely enjoyable guy that I have had the pleasure of knowing for somewhere around 10 or 15 years. I met him via a mutual friend and have stayed in contact ever since. Whenever he comes to town we always make a point of hooking up. Before joining the Rod Stewart band David was the drummer in ABC (The Look Of Love, Shoot That Poison Arrow). He’s recently been working with Dianne Birch, touring with Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks and recording Rod’s next album.

I’ve been a huge fan of Rod Stewart since I was a kid . The first concert I ever saw was Rod Stewart and the Faces with Tower Of Power back in 1972 or 73 at the then Seattle Center Coliseum( that’s now the Key Arena). Can anyone tell me the 2 legendary drummers in those 2 bands? I left that concert knowing that I wanted to be drummer and my dream at the time was to be the drummer in the Faces. I guess owning this drum is going to be as close as I get to that dream but I have no regrets. It’s really a cool drum and so many of my wildest dreams have come true that I cannot help but feel extremely fortunate, lucky and blessed.

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