Thanks Charlie!!

Thanks Charlie!!

It’s nearly impossible to comprehend the massive impact that Charlie Watts made on me, drums, music, society, and the world. and I’d like to invite you to join me in demonstrating my appreciation for Charlie. Charlie Watts always kept his tuning key on a tension rod of his rack tom. I’m inviting you to do … Read More

Paul Jamieson Maple Gretsch 22,12,16 “Charlie Watts” Drum Kit $9,995

Gretsch “Charlie Watts” set. Gretsch 22×14, 16×16, 12×8. Also includes a 13×9. This set was part of Jamo’s extensive arsenal of Gretsch studio rental drums. Gretsch drums are the “not-so-secret-weapon” of top producers and artists who will settle for nothing else when they record. The Rolling Stones hired this set for the making of their … Read More

Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones, Pearl Maple Snare

Charlie Watts , Rolling Stones, Pearl Maple Snare 8×14, Serial #682980. Drum is identical to the drum Watts used during the 1990s but is NOT the drum he actually used. Head is signed “To Donn, Thank you, Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones, 2005” Not For Sale. SINGLE CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.  

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