Wuhan – Carmine Appice’s 18″ Wuhan, No Stamp, Prototype China C (#4) – $599.00

Wuhan – Carmine Appice’s 17.5″ (18″), Wuhan Prototype China A (#2) – $599.00

From our Carmine Appice cymbal collection. With two China cymbals mounted prominently high above the front of his monstrous set, carmine can be credited with single handedly popularizing China cymbals, making them standard equipment on the modern drum set.

This 18″ prototype china cymbal is stamped Peoples Republic of China. Hand signed by Carmine Appice. The cymbal measures closer to 17.5 inches and one of three in the collection. No cracks or key-holing, Shows clear signs of use and remains in beautiful condition. These chinas are nice and trashy, and cut right through the mix.

Includes a COA signed by Carmine Appice.

Weight: 1400 Grams

Shipping: $35

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