Wuhan – Carmine Appice’s 17″ Realistic Rock China Cymbal, The First!! (#1) – $599.00

Wuhan – Carmine Appice’s 17″ China Cymbal, The First!! (#1) – $599.00

From our Carmine Appice cymbal collection. With two China cymbals mounted prominently high above the front of his monstrous set, Carmine can be credited with single handedly popularizing China cymbals, making them standard equipment on the modern drum set. This 17″ WuHan was Carmine’s first China cymbal and the one that started it all. When a small crack appeared in his prized cymbal, Carmine attempted to stop the crack by drilling holes at the ends of the crack. When it became obvious the crack could not be stopped, the cymbal was retired, beginning Carmine’s lifelong pursuit of the perfect replacement. Hand signed by Carmine Appice. The cymbal measures closer to 17.5 inches. Shows clear signs of use. Includes a COA signed by Carmine Appice.

Weight: 1150 Grams

Shipping: $35.00


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