Marshall – Ace Frehley’s (KISS) JCM 900 SLX 100 Watt Amp (#3) $4,995.00

Marshall – Ace Frehley’s KISS, 1990s JCM 900 SLX 100 Watt Amp (#3) 

Serial #: 964446747

KISS Serial #: 13900

One of four of Ace Frehley’s KISS Marshall amps currently available on this website.
This Marshall JCM900 SLX 100 Watt amp owned and used by KISS original, co-founding member Ace Frehley. Frehley used this amp during his second tenure with KISS from 1996-2003. The amp is identified with Frehley’s stage settings marked in Sharpie and an “Offstage A” on the faceplate and a KISS inventory tag on the back. The amp is in excellent working condition and is ready to rock.
Purchased directly from KISS following Frehley’s departure from the band in 2003. Excellent documentation trail. COA signed by seller.
Ships from Seattle, WA. Plan on about $200 for US shipping.

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