Made for Ringo Starr, Custom Made Ludwig 2009 Classic Maple Lumigraf 24,13,16,6.5×14 $22,995.00. Authenticated!

Made for Ringo Starr, Custom Ludwig 2009 Lumigraf 24,13,16,6.5×14 $22,995.00 Authenticated!

In 2008 Ringo Starr ordered a new Ludwig Legacy Maple drum set for his upcoming Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band tour. He chose a new 3D finish made by Lumigraf, a Canadian company who specializes in specialty finishes for all industries. Since the Lumigraf finish had never been used to cover a drum set, Ludwig built this set to Ringo’s specs using their Maple Classic shells to see how it preformed before building the Legacy Maple set Ringo ordered. The Maple Classic set is 100% identical to the Legacy Maple set in every other detail except that the badge on the bass drum is the slightly older “Monroe Keystone”. All the other badges are the “Vintage Keystone”.

24×16, 16×16, 13×9, 14×6.5. Includes Ludwig shell mounted single tom mount and 13″ isolation mount. A matching Lumigraf star identical to the one on Ringo’s set is currently being made and will be included with the set. Photos coming soon.

Since the set was a custom finish it could not be sold as regular catalog stock, so it was sold to Ludwig endorser Bun E. Carlos who sold it in 2011.

The set’s history is verified in letters from Kevin Packard, artist relations and marketing manager at Ludwig at the time the set was made and by Bun E. Carlos. COA signed by seller.

Ringo Starr used his matching Ludwig Legacy set for his 2009 tour plus his July 7th, 2010 70th birthday celebration at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, where the band was joined onstage by Paul McCartney. See video below.

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PRICE: $24,995.00


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