SOLD!! Gallien-Krueger – Tom Hamilton’s Aerosmith, 2009-2022 Triple Stack Bass Amp “Rig A” – $31,436.00

SOLD!! Gallien-Krueger – Tom Hamilton’s Aerosmith, 2009-2022 Triple Stack Bass Amp “Rig A” – $31,436.00

We just received about 120 basses, guitars and amps from Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith. Tom is a founding member of Aerosmith. After 50 years in one of the hardest touring bands ever, he’s accumulated so much gear that’s he’s asked us to help put it in the hands of people who can dig in on it as much as he has. This gear has made rock and roll history on the world’s largest stages and most intense studio scrutiny. Now it’s your turn to take it, and make your own rock history.

From the Tom Hamilton Aerosmith Collection.

WOW!! This is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire the stage bass rig that propelled Aerosmith through 13 years of their 50 year history. The entire rig including both the onstage and offstage components remains almost completely intact. Tom kept three of the original four offstage rack mounted GK Fusion 550 bass amps. One of the four offstage Fusion 550s remains. Ironically the Fusion 550s you see on top of his onstage rig are non-working “dummies” just there for visual balance.

Tom Hamilton played Gallien-Krueger amps and cabs in live performances with Aerosmith starting in 2009 through the final shows of their Las Vegas Deuces Are Wild residency in December of 2022. His GK stage rig was powered and controlled offstage by his “TH5″ rack that housed his GK amps, effects and wireless controller. The rig evolved through a variety of configurations over the roughly 13 years it was in service. It remains in excellent working condition.

Tom’s techs Bobby Schneck and Aiden Mullen explain the complete rig in the videos below. See and hear the rig onstage in live Aerosmith videos below.

The TH5 offstage portion of the rig is housed in a 47″x30″x45” fan cooled, rolling flight case and includes the following components.

-Shure Wireless System including 2x UR4D Dual Wireless Recievers and a UA845 Antenna System.
-MXR Custom Audio Power System
-3x Radial JD7 Injectors
-Line 6 HD Pro Pod
-2x Avalon Ultra 5 Directs
-Furman P-3600 ARG
-Non-Working GCX Guitar Audio Switcher
-GK Fusion 550 Bass Amp
-Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro
-TC Chorus Pedal
-Spare strings power cables, speaker cords and leads.

The onstage rig includes the following.

2x GK, NEO 115 III  Cabs (#40) #Ec1124c02101 (#41) #Ec1048c0210

2x GK NEO 212 II  Cabs (#42) #Fc1017b0110144 (#93) #FC1017B01101443)

2x GK NEO 410 Cabs (#43) #HB1313A06105627 (#44): #HB1813B07110384

2x GK Fusion 550 Non-functioning “Dummy” Heads

Tom Hamilton’s bass tech will be available with directions for set up and wiring. Identified with Aerosmith inventory tags. Includes an actual Aerosmith set list and one of Tom’s bass straps. COA signed by Tom Hamilton,

Acquired directly from Tom Hamilton. Tom’s bass tech personally inspected these amps and confirmed they are in excellent working condition with no notable issues.

PRICE: $29,995.00. Serious offers considered. 

Shipping: By palleted freight. Call for details


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