David Garibaldi’s Tower of Power 2009 Yamaha Phoenix Drum Set. Complete. Signed, Authenticated. WAS $15,995.00, NOW $10,995.00!!

David Garibaldi’s Tower of Power 2009 Yamaha Phoenix Drum Set. Complete. Signed, Authenticated. 

David Garibaldi has retired from Tower of Power! David’s innovative grooves propelled the band and helped define their unique funky sound. After an amazing 55 year run, he’s putting away his Tower of Power sticks.

His ground breaking work with Tower of Power and his long list of instructional books and videos, have established him as one of the most influential drummers of our time.

This Yamaha Phoenix set is the only set of David’s drums that have ever become available.

Yamaha Phoenix drums were introduced in 2009. They were the most expensive drums Yamaha had ever produced. The shells is a radical half-inch-thick with 11 plies of exotic woods starting with inner plies of hard jakoba, then progressively softer plies of kapur, maple, and burled ash. This was a lot for drummers to wrap their heads around and it took a while for drummers to warm up to the innovative new design. They are now considered one of the best-sounding drums ever made.David Garibaldi received this set and debuted it with Tower Of Power in December 2009 at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. The Phoenix was his “go-to” set for the next six years. He played the set on countless gigs and recordings, including Tower Of Power’s latest album, “On The Soul Side Of Town”. He retired the set in 2016.

The set features a high gloss burled ash “Sapphire Fade” finish. It includes a 22×18″ bass drum with 10×7.5″, 13×9″, and 16×14″ mounted toms. It also includes a 24×16″ bass drum and 8×7″ tom that Garibaldi experimented with, but rarely played. The set also includes a Yamaha SD-2255, 12×5.5″ steel snare with YESS mount plus the complete set of hardware and flight cases seen in the photos.The set and it’s story were featured in the Fall/2019 Time Capsules column in DRUM! Magazine. See and hear them in the live Tower of Power video below. Acquired directly from David Garibaldi. COA signed by David Garibaldi. Drums can be signed by Garibaldi and current members of Tower Power at buyers discretion.

A complete set of Garibaldi’s cymbals are available but not included in this sale.

The set will ship from Los Angeles, CA. We will ship internationally.

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