Cheap Trick, Rick Nielsen, Hamer, Signed! Authenticated! Amazing! $44,995.00

Cheap Trick, Rick Nielsen’s, Hamer, Signed! Authenticated! Amazing! $44,995.00

Wow! Every now and then I come across a guitar so cool that even a drum geek like me gets all excited… This historic Cheap Trick item was acquired directly from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Rick Nielsen. Includes a COA signed by Nielsen as well as photos of the guitar being played in live performance with Cheap Trick.

Rick Nielsen’s 1995 custom Hamer double cutaway checkered guitar. The guitar was one of Nielsen’s  touring guitars used in live performances from 1995 through about 2015. Nielsen’s long association with Hamer guitars and checkerboard pattern make this guitar an instantly recognizable iconic Cheap Trick artifact. The guitar includes an original Hamer case, Nielson’s checkered guitar strap and a generous hand full of Nielsen’s custom graphic guitar picks.

More photos available.

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PRICE: $44,995.00. Serious offers considered. 



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