Carmine Appice’s Ludwig Early 1970s, Custom Made 24×15″ Mahogany 3 Ply Thermogloss, First Ever Power Depth Bass Drum Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart – $2,495.00

Ludwig – Carmine Appice’s 1970s, Custom Made 24 x15″ Mahogany Thermogloss, 3 Ply Power Bass Drum – $2,495.00

Straight from our Carmine Appice collection. Ultra rare with history and vibe galore!! This is one of two bass drums custom made for Carmine by Ludwig. Carmine wanted deeper bass drums for increased low end. At the time, the only 14″ was the deepest available. This 15×24″ Mahogany Thermogloss bass drum is the first “power size” drum that Ludwig ever built. It started a trend towards deeper drum shells that would completely disrupt the standard sized drums that drum manufacturers had been building since the 1930s. Carmine used this bass drum with Beck, Bogart and Appice and in the beginning of his tenure with the Rod Stewart Group.

You can see in the first 2 pictures how the pattern of the duct tape residue on the batter head matches the pattern in the early photo ofCarmine playing this drum with Beck, Bogart and Appice. There is an added Ludwig cymbal mount, plus 2 extra holes from another where Carmine would use shell mounted cymbal stands to mount his cymbals to his bass drum.

Nothing broken or missing. The drum shows obvious sign of use from years of touring the world with two of the biggest names in rock ‘n roll.

Serial Number: #1017901

Shipping: $150.00

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