SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Bun E. Carlos’s Original 1970s Dream Police Ludwig Thermogloss Drum Set. $22,500. Authenticated!!

SOLD! Bun E. Carlos’s Original 1970s Dream Police Ludwig 22-12-13-16 Therm-Gloss Drum Set with Suparaphonic 400 Snare. $22,500. Authenticated!!

Bun E. Carlos used this legendary set to record record Cheap Trick’s legendary 1979 “Dream Police” album. The album was the band’s most commercially successful album to date, featuring many of their best songs including “Dream Police”, Gonna Raise Hell” Voices” “I Know What I Want” and “Need Your Love”. The band loved the drum sounds and insisted on using the same set to record their “All The Parts” EP the following year.

The set belonged to Paul Jamieson of Paul Jamieson Studio Rentals in Los Angeles. Jamieson, or “Jamo” as he is better known, was the top drum tech in LA at the time and working with virtually every major recording artist that came to town. The set is an early 1970s Ludwig 12×8, 13×9, 16×16, 22×14 “Hollywood” configuration with 3-ply shells and reinforcing rings in a clear Thermo-Gloss finish. The set is in excellent condition but shows obvious signs of wear after decades of use on literally hundreds of recording sessions with some of the top artists in the world. Most of the drums still have the original Paul Jamieson Studio Rental logo drum heads.

In 1988, not long after Cheap Trick began recording their Lap Of Luxury album, Bun E., who was not happy with the drum sounds he was getting, called Paul Jamieson to see if he still had the Ludwig set that had sounded so great on Dream Police and Found All the Parts. Jamieson quickly delivered the set to their studio where the band used it to the entire album including their first number one single “The Flame”.

Bun E. bought the set from Jamo when Jamo retired in 2020. Included with the set is Bun E’s personal 5×14 Ludwig Supraphonic snare drum that he played on the above mentioned albums. The snare drum has been locked in Bun’s safe for decades and has been made available for sale together with this Ludwig drum set.

The set includes a pair of Bun E’s signed and used sticks. COA signed by Bun E. Carlos and seller.

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