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On the surface, Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali was the quintessential heavy metal drummer. Huge drum kit, wild hair, menacing expression, flailing arms, aggressive grooves and over the top fills. All very accurate descriptions but they only touch the surface of the thoughtful, introspective and versatile artist he was.

His drums were deeply important to him. He often said that "All I need are my family, music and drums." His drums were so much more than tools of his trade. They were a pathway to his soul. His vast collection of drums reflect the multi-faceted drummer and person he was. Many of his sets reflect his deep admiration and respect for John Bonham while others recognize his love of great jazz drummers like Elvin Jones. The stunning visual presence of all his drums clearly reflect Frankie's keen artistic eye.

About a year before he passed, Frankie asked me coordinate the sale of his extensive drum collection. It was imperative to him that they found homes with drummers and fans who would appreciate them as much as he did.

I hope I've done a worthy job of representing this amazing collection. Please contact me with any inquires.

Donn Bennett

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