The Elvin Jones Collection

elvin-shirtElvin Jones was one of the most influential, inspirational and beloved drummers of all time. Few artists have influenced the world, in such a beautiful way, as Elvin did. The instruments he played were the conduit to his musical genius. They weren't his soul, rather the connection to his soul.

It is extremely rare to find a collection of an artist's instruments as complete and intact as Elvin's. Virtually every instrument he ever used were saved and stored in his NY apartment building. After his passing in 2004 I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire this entire collection, hundreds of items, virtually every drum, cymbal, stick and brush he ever used. Even the shirts he and his band wore on stage. These artifacts are now available and can be seen below.

Elvin Jones Drum Sets

Elvin Jones Snare Drums

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