Carmine Appice’s Ludwig Original Maple, Bonham’s Favorite! $22,995

This is Carmine Appice’s original 1969, Vanilla Fudge, Ludwig “Thermo-Gloss” 3 ply maple double bass drum set. The set is from very early in Appice’s career. He literally “invented” much of rock drumming on this very set. The set is particularly significant since this is the set that inspired Led Zepplin’s John Bonham’s legendary maple … Read More

Carmine Appice’s Cactus, Slingerland Studio King Drum Set. $7,995.

Carmine Appice Slingerland Sound King

  This custom made Slingerland Studio King Drum Set was owned and used by Carmine Appice from 2004-2008. He used the set most notably in performances with Cactus and The Vanilla Fudge.  Custom Cactus logo bass drum heads are included. The set was made by Slingerland in Conway, AK in the early 2000s. The all … Read More

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