Ludwig 1930s Black Beauty. Engraved 5×14. Great Shape! $2,895

Ludwig 1930s Engraved Black Beauty 5x14

Ludwig 1930s Black Beauty. Engraved 5×14. Great Shape! $2,895 This 1930s scroll pattern Black Beauty snare drum is in remarkable condition. 9 decades after it was introduced in the 1920s, the Ludwig Black Beauty is still considered the high bar standard for all snare drums. The condition is clear in the photos. The photos don’t … Read More

Gretsch 1970s SSB Aluminum 5×14 Snare Drum. $345.00

Gretsch SSB 5x14 Aluminum

Great 1970s aluminum shell snare. 8 lugs, cast hoops. Shell is very slightly dented around the throw off. Some minor pitting on the hardware. Works and plays great. Single click image to enlarge. PRICE:$345.00

Gretsch Round Badge COB 5×14, $345.00

Gretsch Chrome Round Badge 5x14

Here’s a great old Gretsch round badge snare. Brass shell,  push button throw off, cast hoops, 40 strand snares. The drums is scuffed and pitted. There’s some small dents and the shell is somewhat pushed in around the fine tuning side end of the throw off. The heads fit snug but go on easily. This … Read More

Ludwig 1963 Rare Supersensitive 5×14, NSN COB Hoops, Like New! $699.00

Ludwig Supersensitive Alu crimped

Here’s a super sweet example of the greatest snare drums ever made. This drum marks an important spot in the evolution of the Ludwig Supersensitive snare drum. The earliest Supers had brass shells and hoops, rotary mufflers, crimped snare beds and no serial number. This drum is the first step of the evolution. In 1963 … Read More

Ludwig ’76 Supersensitive 5×14. Excellent++ $495.00

Ludwig 76 supersensitive 5x14

This is one exceptional 1970s Ludwig 5×14 Supersensitve. No issues. Gleaming chrome. Look extremely close and you might find a few pits. Otherwise flawless. No dents, holes, modifications or damage. 100% original. Even the original bottom head and wires. They don’t show up looking like this every day!! PRICE: $495.00. Single click image to enlarge.

Ludwig ’76 Supraphonic Snare Drum, Near Mint, #986801, $449.00

Ludwig Supraphonic 400 5x14

There’s not too much to say about the Ludwig Supraphonic 400 5×14 snare drum that has not already been said. It’s the most popular and most versatile drum ever made. Ask any drummer “if you could only have one snare drum, what would it be?” 9 times out of 10 the answer would be a … Read More

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