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DRUM! Magazine, Michael Derosier, HEART Set 8/13

POSTED ON October 03, 2013

I wrote a DRUM! Magazine Time Capsules article about this set back in August/2013. This set was near and dear to me. Michael’s tech Gary Clark used to come into the music store where I used to work in here in Bellevue, WA back in the early 80s. (Does anyone remember Bandstand East? It was on the corner of NE8th and 116th where Whole Foods is now). He was always rounding up bits of hardware for this set they were customizing for Michael. Michael used it in a clinic Bandstand East presented with Carmine Appice back in about 1982(?) I never saw the set again until a collector friend offered it to me many years later and I jumped on it. Sadly I just heard that Gary Clark died a couple weeks ago. What an enjoyable guy!!

You can see more about this kit in Donn’s Drum Vault.

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