The Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith Bass, Guitar and Amplifier Collection

Sooner or later, everybody needs to clean their basement. Not a particularly exciting project, unless you’re an iconic, mega-platinum, Hall Of Fame rockstar like Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith. After 52 years in America’s greatest rock band Tom has accumulated a massive amount of music gear and it’s time to clean house! He rounded up over 100 guitars, basses and amps, along with a few other surprises, and asked us to find them homes, worthy of their rock awesomeness.

He kept a few sentimental favorites, plus enough to keep Aerosmith rockin’ for years to come, everything else is here  and available now. We’ve just begun posting everything and are adding more items everyday. Keep watching. This stuff is gonna blow yer mind!!

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Tom Hamilton Basses!

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Tom Hamilton Guitars!

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