Paul Jamieson #29 1970s Ludwig “Black Beauty” 5×14″ Snare, $2,395

Paul Jamieson #29 1970s Ludwig “Black Beauty” 5×14″ Snare, $2,395

Ludwig 1970s Pointy Blue Olive Badge 5×14 Black Beauty. There’s no snare more reliable than a Ludwig black Beauty. You can’t make one of these drums not sound great if you tried!  This one is in beautiful shape. No extra holes. Nothing broken or damaged. Jamo took off the muffler and swapped out the original … Read More

Paul Jamieson #32 1960s Ludwig COB 5×14″ Snare, $995

Ludwig 1960s Chrome Over Brass 5×15 Supraphonic Conversion. Another one of Jamo’s “old-faithful” studio workhorses. We can only guess how many hit’s you’ve heard this drum on. The Ludwig COB Supraphonic has long been recognized amongst the greatest and most recorded snare drums ever made. Leave it to Jamo to mess with perfection. This drum … Read More

Paul Jamieson #28 Gretsch Brass 5×14″ Snare, $395

Gretsch Stop Sign Badge 5×14 Great brass shelled drum. The muffler has been removed but otherwise it’s all there, in great shape and ready to roll. PRICE $395.00 SINGLE CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.

Paul Jamieson #24 Leedy or Ludwig Brass 6.5×14″ Jamo Custom Snare, $795

Leedy or Ludwig(?) Lightweight Brass shell 6.5×14 8 Tube Lug Conversion. This thin brass shell snare is another one of Jamo’s conversions. The original parallel throw-off was removed and replaced with a basic but sturdy Sonor model. Cast top and bottom hoops. Another one of Jamo’s “go-to” studio snares. PRICE $795.00. Serious offers considered. SINGLE CLICK … Read More

Paul Jamieson #19 “Jamo Special” Ludwig & Ludwig 4×14″ Heavy Brass 12 Lug Snare, $1,195.00

Ludwig & Ludwig 1930s Heavy Brass “Jamo Special” 4×14. 12 Tube Lugs!  Jamo hot-rodded this heavy brass 6 tube lug snare by adding an additional tube lug between each original tube lug. He moved the original butt plate over a little and finally added triple-flanged hoops top and bottom. A little unconventional but it worked! … Read More

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