Tris Imboden’s, Chicago 1998 DW 25th Anniversary 5×13″ Snare Drum, Gold Hardware – $1,995.00

Tris Imboden’s, Chicago 1998 Craviotto/DW 25th Anniversary 5×13″ Snare Drum, Gold Hardware – $1,995.00

This one of a kind snare drum was custom made for Tris Imboden in 1998 while he was a member of Chicago. He joined the band in 1990 picking up where founding member and drummer Danny Seraphine left off. He was a member of the band for 28 years until turning over the chair to longtime Chicago percussionist Walfredo Reeves Jr in 2018. He used the drum in recordings and performances with Chicago between 1998 and 2000 including the band’s 1998 Gold Record, Chicago XXV.
This snare was part of Tris’s 9 piece matching set created as part of DW’s 25th Anniversary Collection. You can just see this drum to Tris’s left and behind the uprights of his custom rack in the 2nd photo. Initially, DW planned to make each drum set a custom order, to whatever specs the buyer wanted. Once a few custom sets had been made, they discovered that making the book-matched and hand inlaid shells required far more labor than they expected. As a result, production was limited to a small number of pre-determined sizes and configurations in one of three available finishes. That is UNLESS you’re the drummer in Chicago!!  The set had several features that were only available to endorsing artists. This is the only 25th Anniversary snare ever made in the Anniversary Amber finish and with Mini-lugs. Membership DOES have it’s privileges! 
This drum marks a major milestone in the history of the DW Drum Company, as well Tris Imboden’s contributions to one of the most prolific and popular bands of our time.
The drum is in excellent shape, however there is some lifting of the lacquer finish. This is one of the reasons that DW’s “Mini-Lug” never got off the ground. The Mini-Lug low mass worked great at allowing the shell to resonate more freely by reducing the mass attached to the wood shell. There was however an issue under very high tension where, due to the very small footprint and the single screw mounting, the lug casing could be pulled inward causing the finish ply to warp.  You can see this on several of the lugs on this drum. There’s no damage to the inner shell, just to the outer finish ply. There is some minor scuffing and oxidation on the gold hardware. No other damage. No modifications. The photos depict the condition accurately. 
Acquired directly from Tris Imboden. Head signed by Tris Imboden.
Serial Number: #000718
Shipping: $45.00

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