Taye GO-Kit. Perfect! Cases Included! $749.00

Taye GO-Kit. Perfect! Cases Included! $749.00
This Taye GO-Kit is a sweet compact set that will make a great small gig/rehearsal set or a great home practice set.  Looks like the guy who bought it as a practice kit, never got around to practicing much! This set is in near perfect condition. Check out the photos. There are no flaws. Besides some stick marks on the batter side heads, the set is like new.
18×7.5 bass, 8×5, 10×5.5 and 12×6 mounted toms. 13×4 snare. All drums have isolation mounts. “Slidce Trak double tom holder for the rack toms plus a Taye ball clamp mount to mount the floor tom from your cymbal stand.
The set still has all the original DynaTon heads on top and bottom. It includes all five drums, double tom mount and the mounting clamp for the floor tom. It also includes a complete matching set of Taye designed specifically for this set. The bass fits into one case and all the toms and snare fit in the other, for super quick and easy load in. Cymbals and cymbal stands are not included. Ships in 2 boxes.

Custom Premium Birch/Basswood 8 ply, 7mm, EFS™ Shells, SlideTrack Tom Holder System, SuspensionRings™ for Rack Toms, 2.3mm Counterhoops.

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