Tama – 1978 Superstar, Neil Peart/RUSH Mahogany Set – $13,995.00

Tama – 1978 Superstar, Neil Peart Set – $13,995.00

It may take the world many years to truly comprehend what we lost when Neil Peart passed. We were so fortunate to have him while he was here.

This near mint condition 1978 Tama Superstar drum set is identical to the iconic Tama Superstar set that Neil Peart played with RUSH in almost every detail. It’s hard to believe a massive set like this could go 44 years with barely any evidence of wear and tear. The shells are virtually flawless with only a handful of extremely minor scuffs. The entire set has been completely disassembled and every part hand polished. The chrome hardware is spotlessly clean but some pieces show some minor pitting. The 12″ double headed tom has some extremely minor splits in its outer veneer. You’ll have to look very close to even notice any of this. None of these details would even be worth noting on a less spectacular set.

While the differences between this set and Neil’s actual set are minor, they are important to make clear.

-This finish is on this set is “Mahogany”, a very smooth Matte or Satin finish. Peart’s set was finished in “Super Mahogany”, the same shade but in a Gloss finish.

-This set has all 6 ply shells with no reinforcing rings. Peart’s set was a combination of shells with and without reinforcing rings.

-The 12″ tom on Peart’s left bass drum was mounted with a custom mount. The 12″ tom on this set uses a standard Tama mount.

-Peart’s set included matching pairs of Gong drums and Timbales. This set does not, however we do have a pair of matching concert toms that could be altered to create a set of Timbales. Ask me if you’re interested.

-Peart’s hardware was custom plated in gold. This set has all chrome hardware.

This massive one owner set was purchased in a single order in 1978 from Musician’s Supply in San Diego, CA. The wood finishes on every drum match perfectly. The photos accurately depict the condition of the set.

Here’s what’s included. Two 14×24″ bass drums, 16×18″ floor tom, 12×15″, 9×13″ and 8×12″ toms, 5 1/2×6″, 5 1/2×8″, 6 1/2×10″ and 8×12″ concert toms. All drum stands, mounts and legs. Original Tama logo heads, top and bottom on EVERY drum. Cymbal stands, snare, snare stand, pedals and throne are available but not included.

From the 1978 Tama catalog, “6 plies of specially selected and cured birch in a special “Heat Compression” mold, Tama Superstar drums have the strength and durability to hold up on the road. Because of this unique manufacturing process and an exclusive angle seaming technique, Superstar drums had a warm, woody tone with outstanding volume”.

Quote by Billy Cobham, “I’ve long been searching for wood drums with enough power and volume for my application. Finally I’ve found them – Tama Superstar, There’s something inherently beautiful and instinctively pleasing about the sound of wood drums.”

PRICE: $13,995.00. Serious offers considered. 

Shipping: $380.00

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