Tama 1978 Superstar, 17 Drums! Matching Snare! Complete Hardware! Flawless!! $17,995.00

Tama 1978 Superstar, 17 Drums! Matching Snare! Complete Hardware! Flawless!! $17,995.00

Tama Superstar drums have earned a reputation as one of the finest drum lines ever made. Introduced in 1977, Tama Superstar drums and Titan hardware set a new standard for quality, innovation, sound and durability. Tama drums were quickly embraced by top drummers like Billy Cobham, Neil Peart, Elvin Jones, Steve Gadd, Lennie White, Gerry Brown, Tris Imboden and Bill Bruford. They completely revolutionized the worldwide drum market. I guess nowadays you’d call them “disrupters”.

From the 1978 Tama catalog, “6 plies of specially selected and cured birch in a special “Heat Compression” mold, Tama Superstar drums have the strength and durability to hold up on the road. Because of this unique manufacturing process and an exclusive angle seaming technique, Superstar drums had a warm, woody tone with outstanding volume”.

Quote by Billy Cobham, “I’ve long been searching for wood drums with enough power and volume for my application. Finally I’ve found them – Tama Superstar, There’s something inherently beautiful and instinctively pleasing about the sound of wood drums.”

This massive one owner set was purchased in a single order in 1978 from Musician’s Supply in San Diego, CA. Every piece of the original set is included here. The shells look like they’re brand new. They’re virtually flawless! The set includes every size concert tom and mounted tom that Tama at the time. The wood finishes on every drum match perfectly. It includes a complete set of matching Tama Titan hardware. All the hardware has been deep cleaned and polished. The hardware ranges from flawless to heavily pitted. The photos accurately show the range of the the condition of the hardware.

Two 14×24″ bass drums, 16×18″ and 16×16″ floor toms, 12×15″, 10×14″, 9×13″ and 8×12″ toms, 6×14″ King Beat snare, 5 1/2×6″, 5 1/2×8″, 6 1/2×10″ 8×12″, 9×13″, 10×14″, 12×15″and  14×16″ concert toms. Original Tama logo heads, top and bottom on EVERY drum. The set includes all the Tama Titan hardware in the photos. Six Titan 6894 boom cymbal stands, two 6682 double tom holders, four 6899 double tom stands, 6895 hi-hat, two 6755 Kingbeat bass pedals, 6890 snare stand, 6790 throne and 6323 hi-hat holder. Original Tama felts and cymbal sleeves on all cymbal stands. Padded throne top is flawless. All hardware is in perfect working condition. Most of the stands still have some or all of their original paper logo sticker. Also included with the set are two original and un-opened Tama Spare Parts Kits. These parts kits are ultra-rare and include a wide array replacement parts for Tama drums and stands. Cymbals not included.

See and hear the set in action in the video below. What you hear is straight unprocessed iPhone audio. The drums are 100% un-muffled with the exception of the small pillows visible in the photos.

How often did you stare at the legendary 1978 Tama catalog and dream of owning a massive set like Billy Cobham is seen playing on the cover? I can’t overstate this set’s rarity and uniqueness. It’s size, condition and completeness make it a truly impossible find. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own the most magnificent example of an original Tama Superstar drum set on the face of the earth.

PRICE: $17,995.00. Serious offers considered.


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