Sonor – Tommy Aldridge’s Pat Travers Era, 1977, Phonic Nine Piece Set $21,995.00

Sonor – Tommy Aldridge’s Pat Travers Era, 1977, Phonic Nine Piece Set $21,995.00

Tommy Aldridge was a member The Pat Travers Band from 1978-1981, during the peak of Travers’ commercial success. Tommy Aldridge can be seen playing this set with Pat Travers in live photos from this era. It’s quite possible this is the set you hear on their platinum selling 1979 “Live! Go For What You Know” album which included their best selling hit “Boom-Boom, Out Go The Lights”, and their 1992 BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert (recorded live in 1977 and 1980).The set arrived in a set of 3 “Anvil” flight cases stenciled boldly in yellow Pat Travers Band” that are included with the set.

I received the set from the estate of a former colleague of Pat Travers who acquired the set directly from Travers. Apparently the set belonged to Travers and was used by a different drummer prior to Tommy Aldridge joining the band in 1978. The set can be seen in a slightly different configuration in the 1977 live video below.

The set remains in excellent condition after years of touring the world with one of America’s hardest rocking bands. Good thing they had those flight cases!! There are several minor scratches in the finish and some minor chrome peeling in a few spots that can be seen in the photos. There are 2  wear marks on the bottom edges of the 13″ and 14″ mounted toms match the exact spot where the toms are touching the bass hoops in the live photos of Tommy Aldridge playing this set. One muffler has been removed from one of the floor toms, otherwise everything is complete. The original floor tom legs have been replaced with modern Yamaha legs.  The cymbals, cymbal stands and the tripod base of the double tom mount in the photos are not included.

The 9-piece, double bass set is circa 1977 West-German era, Sonor Phonic, Beech-Wood. Two 24″x14″ bass drums, two 18″x16″ floor toms, and 16″x14″, 15″x12″, 14″x10″, 13″x9″ and 12″x8″ concert toms. Two Sonor bass drum tom mounts, plus four tom arms are included. All the toms are outfitted with Remo Pin-Stripe heads, and the bass drums have blue Evans heads. We photographed the set in a few different configurations including the set as it was used by Tommy Aldridge as well as with all of the 9 included drums.

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