SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Sonor 2001 SQ2 Golden Madrone 8 Piece With Hardware. LIKE NEW!! $11,995.

Sonor 2001 SQ2 Golden Madrone 8 piece With Hardware. LIKE NEW!! $11,995.

Wow! Wow!! WOW!!!

I sure wish every drum set that showed up in my doorwell could be amazing as this. It’s PERFECT!! There are no issues whatsoever. My shop actually sold this set to the original owner about 20 years ago. The set went from my shop, to the owner’s home where it remained unmoved for 20 years. It just recently returned to my new shop as my old customer/pal is downsizing. His new home is beautiful, however not designed with housing this 8 piece mega-monster dream set in mind. It’s time for some lucky drummer to adopt these beauties and give them a chance to roar again.

The Sonor SQ2 design system allows the user to choose virtually every detail in the design of their set. We worked closely with the drum makers at Sonor to counsel us on our choices in designing this set. Here’s a basic overview of what makes this set truly extraordinary.

Square size toms create a massive tom sound with unbelievable projection and tone and the absolute perfect amount of controlled ring. The shells are made of Bubinga wood with matching inner and outer plies of Golden Madrone. The shells get consecutively thinner as the drums get larger allowing each drum to resonate in the optimal frequency for its size (see the pic from behind the set). Think of the sound of Phil Collins’ toms as his drum part explodes into “In The Air Tonight” to get a good idea about what these drums sound like. The 24×18 bass drums might be the most dynamic and full sounding bass drums I’ve ever experienced. From the gentlest ghost note to the most driving “four on the floor”, these bass drums deliver!!

All sequential serial #s. Two 24×18 bass drums. 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 mounted toms. 14×14, 16×16 and 18×16 floor toms. All of the Sonor hardware visible in the photos is included. The Sonor 600 Series hardware system is fully adaptable to virtually any set up and can be used to hold virtually any conceivable combination of drums and hardware. The set includes four, 600 Series tripod bases, six boom arms, 4 tom arms and four double arm receivers. In addition there’s a collection of additional clamps, a remote hi-hat and two Sonor 400 Series boom cymbal stands. The snare, cymbals Axis pedals and DW hi-hat stand are available but not included. There are professional cases for the set, a combination of SKB lined heavy plastic cases and top quality fiber cases. There is only one bass drum case. All cases are in excellent condition and will be included at no cost if full price is paid.

The visual impact of this set cannot be overstated. The deep burling of the semi-gloss Golden Madrone outer ply creates the effect of fire, almost like you’d see on a vintage satin flame finish. Sonor’s top quality heavy chrome radiates like no other. The complete set of matching Sonor tom mounts and cymbal stands combine to make an undeniable visual statement.

No problem shipping  anywhere on the globe. Local pick up is fine too.

Single click image to enlarge.

PRICE $11,999. Serious offers considered. 

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