Paul Jamieson #58 Gretsch Max Roach Progressive Jazz 4×14″ Piccolo Snare, $TBD

Gretsch Cadillac Green max Roach Progressive Jazz 4×14.

This drum was worthy of a major restoration. It’s fundamentally all there in excellent condition. The shell and edges are in great shape and won’t require any restoration. Most of the original gold plating has long since rubbed off. All of the hardware is being professionally re-plated in gold. An original Gretsch Micro-Sensitive throw-off has been sourced and is on it’s way to the platers as well. The original Gretsch throw-off will cover the extra holes that were drilled for the existing Rogers throw-off. There’s the slightest lifting in the seam. Normally I’d leave such a small flaw alone but this drum warrants the extra effort to make it perfect. We’ll give the Cadillac Green Nitron finish a good buffing to bring it back to 100% of it’s original color and shine. There’s a small cigarette burn in the finish. There’s not much we can do about that accept it as a memory of some smokey jazz club from many years ago. I’ll post photos and a price once the restoration is complete. Price to be determined upon completion of restoration. 



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