Paul Jamieson #22 Ludwig Heavy Brass 6.5×14″ “Hell to Pay” Snare, $1,495

The “Hell To Pay” Steve Jordan snare. Ludwig 1920s Heavy Brass 10 tube Lug 6.5×14 Conversion

Here’s another great old snare that Jamo had his wicked way with. For starters this drum is the Legendary Ludwig heavy brass shell, probably the best sounding drum shell ever made. It probably sounded great like it was, but once Jamo get’s going he’s hard to stop. He started by stripping off the original Supersensitive parallel throw off mechanism and replacing it with a simpler 4 point throw-off and an ultra-reliable Rogers butt plate. Finally, the original stick choppers were excused and replaced with Gretsch cast hoops top and bottom. Now the drum was ready to make history. Steve Jordan picked this bad boy to record Boz Scaggs’ “Hell To Pay” Check out his original road map on the top head.

PRICE $1,495.00


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