Paul Jamieson #14 ULTRA RARE Ludwig & Ludwig 5×14″ Marble Pearl Snare, $3,995.00

Ludwig & Ludwig 1920s 5×14 “Double-Secret-Uber Rare” Marble Pearl Single Ply Maple Standard

There’s “Rare” and then there’s “Uber Rare”. This one is Double-Secret-Uber Rare! The Ludwig and Ludwig Marble finish was originally called “Motled Sepia” until the Ludwig marketing gurus decided it sounded like an unfortunate medical condition and re-named it “Marble Pearl”. It must have got off to a bad start since they discontinued the finish just a few years after it was released. This specimen managed to survive nearly a century with barely a scratch. The finish is still radiant. The hardware is in great shape. Nothing broken missing or damaged. No issues. It’s a little dusty from sitting on Jamo’s shelf for many years. Give this time capsule a good rub down and you’ll probably make a Genie appear.

PRICE $3,995.00. Serious offers considered.


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