Music Man – Tom Hamilton’s Aerosmith, 1979 Stingray Bass B, Sunburst (#68) – $19,995.00

Music Man – Tom Hamilton’s Aerosmith, 1979 Stingray Bass B, Sunburst (#68) – $19,995.00

We just received about 120 basses, guitars and amps from Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith. Tom is a founding member of Aerosmith. After 50 years in one of the hardest touring bands ever, he’s accumulated so much gear that’s he’s asked us to help put it in the hands of people who can dig in on it as much as he has. This gear has made rock and roll history on the world’s largest stages and most intense studio scrutiny. Now it’s your turn to take it, and make your own rock history.

From the Tom Hamilton Aerosmith Collection. Tom Hamilton’s 1979 Music Man Stingray Bass, Sunburst. Knurled knobs.

This 1979 Sunburst model is one of three, nearly identical Stingrays I received from Tom Hamilton.

Tom Hamilton was one of the earliest and most prominent players of the Music Man Sting Ray bass. The Stingray bass was introduced in 1976 by Leo Fender and soon became the “go-to” bass of the era. Tom first used used a Stingray Bass to record Aerosmith’s Draw the Line album in 1977 and could be seen playing live for the remainder of the 1970s. In 1987 he returned to using a Stingray bass to record their Permanent Vacation, Pump, Get A Grip, Nine Lives and Just Push Play albums through 2001. He even resurrected his Stingray basses during their Las Vegas “Deuces Are Wild” residency that ended in 2022. 

The Music Man Stingray bass has been a pivotal part of Aerosmith’s sound during for most of the bands career.

Acquired directly from Tom Hamilton. Tom’s bass tech personally inspected the bass and confirmed it was in excellent working condition with no notable issues.

The guitar is identified by an Aerosmith inventory tag. It includes one of Tom’s guitar straps, an actual set list from one or Aerosmith’s shows, a Music Man heavy padded case, one of Tom Hamilton’s custom bass pics and a certificate of authenticity signed by Tom Hamilton.

Serial Number: #013802

Shipping: $150.00

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