Ludwig Ringo, Original 1964 Black Oyster Pearl 22,13,16, 5.5×14. WOW!! EXCELLENT+++ $23,995.00

Ludwig Ringo, Original 1964 Black Oyster Pearl 22,13,16, 5.5×14. WOW!! EXCELLENT+++ $23,995.00

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! This drum set is identical to the 1964 Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl Super Classic drum set, that  RINGO STARR played for the majority of this tenure with The Beatles, in almost every detail.
The set is nearly flawless. This is the set you dreamed of while you watched The Beatles in Hard Days Night or if you were one of the lucky fans who got to see them perform live. This is the set you’ve wanted to get your hands on all your life. How do I know this? Because virtually every drummer who grew up with The Beatles had the same dream. RINGO STARR inspired generations of drummers, and everyone of them dreamed of sitting behind a set like this.
Don’t let the amazing condition cause any doubt. This is a 100% original 1964 Ludwig Super Classic set in Black Oyster Pearl finish.  This is not a re-covered or re-issue set. The bass and toms are an original matched set all with 5 digit serial numbers between 52xxx and 53xxx that dates them to 1964. The 5.5×14 snare drum has a pre-serial # badge (just like Ringo’s) that dates it between 1960 and 1963. The snare drum originally had a Classic throw-off but was converted to a P-83 throw-off (just like Ringo’s) using a non-drill adapter plate so no extra holes were drilled into the shell.
I have dozens of photos available but the pics I’ve included show every notable detail. More pics on request.
Here’s the basic scoop. Overlapping scarf joints are visible on every drum. Rail consolete tom mount. 22×14 bass, 16×16 floor, 13×9 rack tom. Matched set, No cracks, splits, holes or modifications. Extremely minor fading, edges and interiors are great but do show signs of wear. Crome is excellent, chrome over brass hoops, red felt baseball bat mufflers. One notable scratch on the 13” tom (see pic).The original cast tom mount receiver on the 13” tom has been replaced with a slightly more modern one, however an original cast “era-correct” tom mount will be included. The original cast cymbal mount receiver is stripped but has been left in place.
5.5×14 snare is in excellent condition No cracks, splits or holes. Original Classic throw-off converted to a P-83 with a “ on-drill adapter. Extremely minor fading, edges and interiors are excellent. Chrome is excellent, chrome over brass hoops, rotary muffler.
The cymbals, throne, pedals and stands are not included but are available separately.
Plan on about $300 to $700 US shipping depending on location and chosen method of transportation. We will ship internationally. Ships from Seattle, WA.

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