Ludwig and Ludwig Original 1941 Top Hat and Cane 5 Piece Drum Set, $19,995.00

Ludwig and Ludwig Original 1941 Top Hat and Cane 5 Piece Drum Set, $19,995.00

11×7, 13×9, 26×14, 16×14, 7×14 snare.

The Ludwig Top Hat and Cane model set is considered by collectors to be the rarest and most sought after production drum set ever made. This model was produced for less than 2 years in 1940 and 41. It was considered to be the absolute pinnacle of the drum set industry at the time. To date, fewer than 15 of these sets are known to exist in the entire world. I have had the extreme good fortune and luck to have owned 6 of these sets in my life. This is one of 3 Top Hat and Cane sets currently in our collection. This particular set endured some cosmetic damage over it’s 74 year lifetime but has been expertly restored and returned close to it’s original magnificence. Consider this a rare opportunity to own a beautiful, original 1941 Top Hat and Cane drum set at a fraction of what you would expect to pay for the most coveted vintage drum set ever produced.

This set was acquired from a prominent mid-west drum collector. To the best of his knowledge the 11, 13,26, 6.5×14  drum set did not originally have a floor tom. I found the 16 inch floor tom a few years after acquiring the set and have included it with the set at no additional charge. The finish on the floor tom is pretty checked and there are 3 tiny holes. It’s not a perfect drum but it does complete the set. I will have photos of the complete set soon. You can see the complete set in the video below.

Bass and toms are date stamped August, 1941. The snare is stamped July 1941. Interiors of bass and snare shells are painted white. Interiors of toms are finished in clear lacquer. This is how the interiors of every Top Hat set I’ve seen were painted. The finish on the 11″ tom and the snare has cracked and checked on one side. (See photos) This finish damage was expertly repaired to stop any further damage and to improve the appearance of the finish. The cracks were in the finish only and the shells were unaffected. The toms and bass were drilled for new mounts. These non-original holes were expertly filled and capped to make the repairs nearly invisible. The black lines of the Top Hat graphic were hand painted on the holes that were repaired. You have to look extremely closely to find the fixes. Don’t let the repair photos confuse you. I’ve detailed the repairs for the sake of full disclosure. This set is absolutely beautiful.

The shells and nickel hardware are buffed to an amazingly brilliant shine. The photos depict the condition of the set very accurately. The shells and edges are excellent. All parts are original and in excellent condition.

I have many more photos that depict virtually every detail of the entire set. I would be glad to forward to any interested buyer.

Due to the extreme high value and rarity of this set we will only ship via freight. All drums will be professionally packed in cases, then in boxes and the put on a pallet. This keeps the entire set in one package dramatically reducing the chances of loss or damage. This is the safest method of shipment available. Plan on $800 to $1,000 for shipping and insurance in the US. Exact shipping cost will be determined based on buyers location. Local pick up is welcomed. I will gladly offset part of travel costs if buyer wants to travel to Seattle, WA to pick up in person. I will ship internationally.

THIS IS AN ORIGINAL 1941 LUDWIG AND LUDWIG TOP HAT AND CANE. This is NOT a re-issue or re-cover!!




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