Ludwig 1963 Rare Supersensitive 5×14, NSN COB Hoops, Like New! $699.00

Here’s a super sweet example of the greatest snare drums ever made. This drum marks an important spot in the evolution of the Ludwig Supersensitive snare drum. The earliest Supers had brass shells and hoops, rotary mufflers, crimped snare beds and no serial number. This drum is the first step of the evolution. In 1963 Ludwig started producing Supersensitives like this one with aluminum shells, brass hoops and baseball bat mufflers. By the end of the same year they stopped making crimped snare beds and began adding serial numbers to the Keystone badge.  This version of the Supersensitive was made for less than a year and are extremely rare. This particular drum is in near perfect condition. Individually adjustable snare wires. The photos depict the condition very accurately.

Single click image to enlarge. PRICE: $699.00

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