Ludwig 1961, Pink Oyster Downbeat 4 Piece Set, 20×14″, 14×14″, 12×8″, 14×4″ Downbeat Snare. All Original. GLEAMING!! $21,995.00

Ludwig 1961, Pink Oyster Downbeat 4 Piece Set with Matching Downbeat Snare. All Original. GLEAMING!! $21,995.00

20×14″ bass drum, 14×14″ floor tom, 12×8″ rack tom and matching 14×4″ snare drum.

WHAT!?! Just when you think all the great vintage drums are gone, a set like this one appears and restores your faith. This set looks pretty much the same as when it rolled off the Ludwig assembly line 61 years ago. Maybe better!

We received this set covered in decades of caked on grime, truly a diamond in the rough. We turned  it over to rising drum restoration star, Chris Hankins at West Coast Drum Shop. Nothing needed repairing so he just gave it a magnificent polishing and masterfully repainted the bass hoops. Chris is an absolute artist!! The pictures tell all. 100% original. The color has faded slightly but is still shining like, well… a brand new drum set. The chrome is gleaming. Tight seams all around. Clear interior finish on the bass, white on the toms. There’s what appears to be a line of glue visible under the translucent finish of the bass drum. It’s not damage or a flaw. It’s just the glue Ludwig used to hold down the finish. Since Pink Oyster finish is somewhat translucent, the glue is visible on the outside. Look closely, you can see it in the pic of the bass drum. We put on new Remo heads but we’re including the original Ludwig heads as well as the original logo bass head. No extra holes, cracks, damage or modifications.

Expensive? You bet!! This set is truly extraordinary in all respects. Ultra-rare finish, 100% original, 100% complete, amazing condition. A complete set of era-correct hardware is available separately.

PRICE: $21,995.00. Serious offers considered. 

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