Ludwig 1967 Burgundy Sparkle Downbeat, 20,12,14 AWESOME! $2,595.00

Ludwig 1967 Burgundy Sparkle Downbeat. AWESOME! $2,595.00
WOW!! Set’s like this don’t pop up everyday. 1960s Downbeat Burgundy Sparkle, one of the rarest and most beautiful finishes ever made.
This set was compiled from two different sets. Their serial #s span from 394XXX to 525XXX, dating all of the drums in a one year span, from the very end of 1966 to the end 1967. The finishes are an excellent match and in excellent condition. There’s some minor scuffs and scratches on the rack and floor tom visible in the photos. There’s some minor scuffing on the chrome hardware. There are no other notable issues, No cracks, tight seams and nice edges. New Remo Clear Ambassadors on bottoms, Near new Coated Ambassadors on top. Clear Powerstroke 3 on the bass with Ludwig logo Powerstroke on the front.
The photos tell all.
Snare dum is not included. Cymbals and stands not included.

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