Leedy “Humberto Morales Model” Brass Timbales with Original Stand. $2,395.00

Leedy “Humberto Morales Model” Brass Timbales with Original Stand. $2,395.00

The best timbales ever made!
If you were the timbalero in a hot Cuban jazz band, playing a packed jazz club in Harlem or Havana in the 1940s and 1950s, chances are you’d be getting more than any other member of the band AND you’d be playing Leedy timbales. Leedy brass timbales were considered the best timbales ever made. Talk to any veteran timbalero and they’ll tell you, the Leedy Humberto Morales Model timbales are the best ever made. See the rather fascinating history of the Humberto Morales model in the history below.
This pair is in excellent shape. There’s some obvious wear in the finish of the brass shells from about 80 years of steady use and from cáscara played on the shell of the 13” (Jumbo) drum. No dents, extra holes or damage. Nickel hardware. The metal counter hoops were originally wrapped and tucked to mount calf skins. The set currently has one calf head and one very old plastic head. The original stand is included. 2 of the posts that attach the large timbale to the stand have been removed and replaced with a screw that seems to be holding just fine. The original tripod base of the stand is included but is not shown in the photos, the base is also in nickel finish (pic available soon). 


The Leedy timbales were first manufactured in 1944 when a young

Charles Tappan an employee of Henry Adler music store on 46th street was annoyed that he was mounting heads on The old Cuban timbales and they all broke after they were put on drums due to the bad edges. So he started to make a timbales with rounded edges and what is know as Leedy was born. AS time went by they were selling timbales made byCharles tappan in the only store around at that time that had quality timbales and were worth it all other timbales were made of wood. Many of the set made came with Radio King bread and butter lugs on them and Leedy Claws. (I will send you a photo of them I don’t know how to paste photo). These were the first timbales in the market they had no labels but sound incredible . In 1945 business was starting to pick up for Henry Adler he moved store from a second floor to the main floor of building a larger space there all the who is who used to meet every day and hang out there Gene Cooper, Buddy Rich etc . So Henry decided to to open a school there were he and Charles gave lessons on drumming. And every so offend built a set of timbales as a specialty item for who ever ask for one. By 1946 business was booming and they just could not keep up so Henry decide to sell the timbales business and shopped through different company’s finally Leedy got interested (Now owned by Conn a horn maker ) brought the Idea. And started to make timbale under the Leedy name that when the single tags that says leedy only. 1947 Leedy lunches a campaign to enhance business . So they go back to Henry to put them in contact with re known drummer Ubardo Nieto but buy the time they contacted Uba he was on way to Europe with the Machito orch.and did not have the time to sit with company officials. So Henry proposed to go see an other drummer who played well and was with one of the hit bands of the moment Noro Morales which was playing in a club called China Doll on 53 st Broadway. There the Leedy officials were mesmerized with Humberto Morales that they sign him on the spot.By October of 1947 Leedy was ready with mass production and ready to for advertizing and on November 3 1947 the biggest add campaign was lunched. (I sent one of these copy’s of the add. January 1948 Leedy was selling timbales like no tomorrow every one want a set and Leedy could not build them in time. Sale were through the roof They offered the timbales with case and a set of sticks for $75.00 incredible but true. 1949 they lunched another campaign to celebrate great sales and made an anniversary set of timbales with red labels of this set they made very few about 50 set that sold out very quickly. In 1950 business had pick up that Conn buys Ludwig and Ludwig drums and put a gentleman buy the name George H. Way another drum wiz incharge. George H.Way dicides to Join both company’s since they were both top companys and did not want competition between company so in 1951 the Leedy & Ludwig company in born. The Tag continued with same tan color till mid year of 1951 mean time they finished there transition. As transition took place they made a few changes to the timbales inside plate were shortened and the Humberto Morales tags went from Brass to steel. This is why you will see many different designs some round others square on Leedy. Here is a comment Walfredo De los Reyes sent me recently on face book .

Walfredo de los Reyes Quote

“Their sound was unique. Everyone played them in the

forties, I have two pairs. They are a treasure.

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