Leedy 1935 Standard, Calf Head Bass Drum WMP. Excellent! $795.00

Leedy 1935 Standard, Calf Head Bass Drum WMP. Excellent! $795.00

From the collection of Tony Lewis, one of the “pioneer” mid-west drum collectors. This 1935 Standard Double Tension bass drum is in fantastic shape, showing only the slightest signs of wear from a remarkable 86 years of making music. What is interesting about this drum are the two hand painted, calfskin bass drum logo heads. On one side is the “Whirlwinds” logo. On the other side, the caricature of a man. I couldn’t find any history of either the Whirlwinds or the guy in the caricature. I have two theories about the reason for the double logo heads. Either the drum was owned by a very clever drummer holding down two gigs who could simply rotate his bass drum depending on which artist he was supporting OR the drum was owned by a very spiteful member of the Whirlwinds who really didn’t like the guy in the caricature since a bass drum beater would hit the guy square in the nose. Regardless, this is a beautiful drum in fantastic condition. 

The photos depict the drum accurately. It’s in fantastic shape. There’s some corrosion on a couple rods and some cigarette burns on one panel that you see in the pics. Both heads are completely intact however there are some splits in the calf heads around the flesh hoops that are not on the playing surface and are not under stress so they should not continue to split and do not effect the playing surface of the head. There are no other notable flaws. The seams are tight, finish fade is even and the rods turn smoothly. 
The white painted interior is date stamped “3509” indicating it was made in September of 1985.
The drum is large so it’s going to ship at the “oversize” rate. Expect to pay $200-$300 US shipping. You’re welcome to pick up in Seattle, WA.

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