Jr. Cadillac, Chuck Berry, Slingerland 1930/40s Radio King 26,13,16 7×14. Northwest Rock History!! $3,695.00

Jr. Cadillac, Chuck Berry, Slingerland 1930/40s Radio King 26,13,16 7×14. Northwest Rock History!! $3,695.00
This set was owned and used by George Rudiger of the legendary Northwest rock ’n roll band, Jr. Cadillac. He played this set for the majority of the band’s 50 plus years as a staple of the Northwest rock scene. At one point they opened for just about every major show that came to the Northwest including The Kinks, Beach Boys, ELO, Ten Years After, Yes, Jethro Tull, and many more. Jr. Cadillac was Chuck Berry’s first choice for a backing band whenever he appeared in the Northwest. The band backed Berry onstage over a dozen times. 
This rock n’ roll Radio King warhorse wears every scuff, split and scratch like a Purple Heart. The finish shows the obvious wear of countless shows spanning 5 decades, everywhere from the corner bar to the biggest stadiums and literally EVERYTHING in between. 
These drums are a true players set, intended to be played. Rogers Swiv-O-Matic spurs were mounted to the bass drum to replace the original clip on Slingerland spurs that got the set through its first few decades. A Rogers Swiv-O-Matic tom mount had been retrofitted to the bass and rack tom. Rudiger abandoned the tom mount for a snare stand and “eliminated” the extra holes and hardware by simply turning the bass drum up-side down and the rack tom so the holes faced him. There are no extra holes on the single ply 7×14” Radio King snare drum. The clamshell throw-off was augmented with electrical tape to keep it from coming loose and the top hoop was replaced with a more modern Slingerland Stick Saver model. The 16” floor tom also managed to escape the drill and has no unoriginal holes, however it now sports a split in it’s finish that runs from edge to edge and has been adorned with some trusty white duct tape. This drum mounts in it’s original “cradle” stand which is also augmented with duct tape and is astonishingly stable and easy to set up. The straight clip hoops on the toms are engraved top and bottom “Slingerland Radio King”. The original bottom hoop on the snare is engraved as well. 
Rudiger played the set with no bottom heads or with cut-out bottom heads as they are at this time. The set was well known amongst Northwest sound men for always sounding great and being super easy to mic. The set sill sounds amazing in any tuning. 
This is a true piece of Northwest rock history that earned it’s stripes on the same stages that brought us Jimi Hendrix, Heart and eventually Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden and the entire Seattle Grunge scene. 

PRICE: $3,695.00. Serious offers considered.

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