Jeff Ochletree “The Drumtree” TreeBronze 14×8, WAS $4,995, NOW $3,995.00

Jeff Ochletree “The DrumTree” TreeBronze 14×8, $3,995.00

Jeff Ocheltree Tree Bronze 8×14 Bell Bronze snare drum. Jeff made these drums after the run of legendary Paiste Signature and 2002 alloy snare drums made famous by Danny Carey, amongst others.
UPDATE: This drum was sold but damaged in shipping and returned. It was professionally repaired, removing a very slight bend in the shell on the top bearing edge and welding the cracked batter side cast hoop. Both repairs were successful and completely undetectable. The shell is good as new. The cast hoop LOOKs perfect however I’m not certain the repair will hold up under heavy playing. We positioned the weld opposite the player’s side and I’m pretty confident it will be fine but there’s no way to tell but to play it. We reduced the price of the drum by $1,000 with the understanding that we can’t guaranty the repairs.

14×8” and has a (very heavy, about 30lbs) 5mm thick cast bronze shell. The edges are quite sharp and the snare bed, while not exactly wide, is notable in its fundamental depth and very deliberate design. The drum has a Nickel Drumworks snare mechanism and butt plate, and Puresound wires. The hoops are die cast and are also very heavy duty, as are the individual solid brass lugs.

Excellent condition. No issues. Hand signed and inscribed by Jeff Ochletree to the original owner. The finish on the entire drum has a patina similar to the original first run Tama Bell Brass drums.

Plan on about $70 US shipping due to high weight.

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