Frankie Banali’s Slingerland 1960 Red Sparkle 6 lug 5.5×14 #109 AUTHENTICATED! $425.00

Frankie Banali’s Slingerland 1960 6 lug 5.5×14 #109 AUTHENTICATED! $425.00

From the collection of Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali.
Another great student model snare that was worthy of one of the greatest drum collections in the world. Serial #52976. All original. Nothing broken, missing or altered. Watch out! This student may show the teacher a few tricks!
Includes a pair of Frankie’s signature Vic Firth Quiet Riot drumsticks. Photos depict condition accurately. Certificate of authenticity signed by Regina Banali.
Shipped from Seattle, WA. US snare drum shipping $50. We will ship internationally. 
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PRICE: $425.00

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