SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! #7 Quiet Riot – Frankie Banali’s 1960s Ludwig Mod Orange Drum Kit 13/16/22 AUTHENTICATED. $2,495.00

From the collection of Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali. Includes a pair of Frankie’s signature Vic Firth Quiet Riot drumsticks. Certificate of authenticity signed by Regina Banali.

Beautiful 60s Mod Orange all original drum kit. Drums are in excellent shape, no cracks, no issues. Color is excellent. Nothing broken, missing or altered. ! Rail consolete tom mount and cymbal holder on bass drum. Extra mount on Floor Tom for original cowbell mount.

14×22″ Bass Drum – 557239
09×13″ Rack Tom – 558893
16×16″ Floor Tom – 557982

The set will ship from Seattle, WA. For US Shipments plan for around $125 to ship, buyer will pay actual shipping cost. We will ship internationally, please contact for rates. Snare stand not included. Serious offers considered.

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PRICE: $2,495.00

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