Carmine Appice’s Ludwig Original Maple, Bonham’s Favorite! $22,995

This is Carmine Appice’s original 1969, Vanilla Fudge, Ludwig “Thermo-Gloss” 3 ply maple double bass drum set. The set is from very early in Appice’s career. He literally “invented” much of rock drumming on this very set. The set is particularly significant since this is the set that inspired Led Zepplin’s John Bonham’s legendary maple finished drum set. Zeppelin opened for Vanilla Fudge on their first US tour. Bonham was so impressed by Appice’s drums and drumming that he asked Appice to help him get a nearly identical set.

The set originally had two, 26″ bass drums that were lost while touring in about 1971. They were immediately replaced with the 24″ bass drums seen in the photos.

All drums are 3 ply maple shells with reinforcing rings. 24×14″ bass, 24×15″ bass, 22×16″ floor tom, 18×16″ floor tom, 15×12″ tom, 14×6.5″ Supraphonic snare drum. All pictured hardware is included, along with a Paiste formula 602 22″ Heavy Ride.

Plan on around $800 for freight shipping in the US. I will ship internationally.

Single click image to enlarge.

PRICE $22,995. Serious offers considered. 


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