Brad Whitford’s Aerosmith HIWATT Custom 50 Authenticated! #84 $7,295.00

Brad Whitford’s Aerosmith HIWATT Custom 50 Authenticated! (#84) 

Serial #10762

From the Brad Whitford Collection at Donn Bennett’s Drum Vault.

Brad used this Hiwatt Custom 50 amp live for live Aerosmith performances circa 2009. He can be seen using this amp in the studio while recording Aerosmith’s most recent album Music From Another Dimension in 2017. See the videos below.

Acquired directly from Brad Whitford. Brad’s guitar tech personally inspected the amp and confirmed it was in excellent working condition with no notable issues. The amp is identified by an Aerosmith inventory tag on the headstock. It includes a power cord and a certificate of authenticity signed by Brad Whitford.

Ships from Seattle, WA. $125 US shipping. We will ship internationally.

Serious offers considered.


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