Brad Whitford’s Aerosmith 1991 Fender, 65 Twin Reverb Custom 15 Authenticated! (#49) $4,995.00

Brad Whitford’s Aerosmith Fender, Twin Reverb Custom 15  Authenticated! (#49) 

Serial #Ac095497

From the Brad Whitford Collection at Donn Bennett’s Drum Vault. Used on tour.

You can see this actual amp and hear Brad talk about it at about 24:00 in the Premier Guitar Rig Rundown YouTube video below. The video was filmed on Aerosmith’s 2012 Global Warming Tour. “Big fat Texas tone with wonderful low end” is the way Brad describes the amp.

Brad used this amp in at least 2 configurations with Aerosmith. First, in conjunction with his PRS MDT 100  and second, stacked on top of an additional identical Custom 15 in conjunction with an additional four Reason and 3 Monkeys amps.

The Amp is stenciled “BW 54”.

The rolling tray the amp is sitting in, in the photos is not included. 

This custom version of the ’65 Twin Reverb utilizes the 85W chassis of the original, coupled with a slightly modified cabinet and a single 15 speaker instead of the standard pair of 12s. They deliver the clean, precise tone characteristic of the Twin but with a fatter bottom end and smooth treble.

Acquired directly from Brad Whitford. Brad’s guitar tech personally inspected the amp and confirmed it was in excellent working condition with no notable issues. The amp is identified by an Aerosmith inventory tag. It includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Brad Whitford.

Ships from Seattle, WA. $125 US shipping. We will ship internationally.

PRICE: $4,995.00 Serious offers considered. 


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