Carmine Appice’s Purple Leopard Slingerland Radio Kings, The last Slingerland drum set ever made!! $19,995

Carmine Purple leopard Slingerland radio king

Carmine Appice’s Purple Leopard Slingerland Complete Set, Perfect!! $19,995 This one of a kind 2008 Slingerland Radio King set was custom made for groundbreaking rock drummer Carmine Appice. The entire set is made up of Slingerland Radio King shells with thick maple reinforcing rings. This is the only complete set of Radio Kings made by Slingerland … Read More

Slingerland White Marine Hollywood Ace 5.5×14 Snare. SUPER WHITE!! $599.00

Slingerland Hollywood Ace WMP Snare 5x14

Not too much to report on this drum. It’s damn near perfect. Look at the photos. A picture is worth a thousand words (and in this case 599 bucks!) I did manage to put my snare stand through the original Slingerland bottom head. I will include a brand new Remo hazy Ambassador snare side head. … Read More

Slingerland 1964 WMP 5.5×14 Hollywood Ace Snare, $499.00

Slingerland 1964 White Marine Pearl 5x14

Nothing says “vintage” like White Marine Pearl. This 1964 Slingerland Hollywood Ace snare drum is a real beauty. No issues. All original. Finish is slightly yellowed and super shiny. Hardware is in great shape with only some minor scratching and pitting.  I cleaned some rust off of the lever on the throw off. Nothing broken, … Read More

Slingerland 1956, 5×14″ Blue-Silver Duco. Excellent! $499.00

This is a very rare, early 5×14″ with the early Chicago script badge. This was the first Chicago script badge and the only Slingerland badge to ever have the looped “S” (geek alert!!) The drum is in excellent condition. There are some minor chips in the Duco finish. Excellent color, nickel hardware is clean with … Read More

Slingerland 1967 Gene Krupa COB Sound King 5×14 Snare. Immaculate!! $389.00

Slingerland 1967 Gene Krupa Sound King 5x14

Slingerland 1967 Gene Krupa COB Sound King 5×14 Snare. Immaculate!! $389 Here is a spectacular example of one of the best all time snares ever made. This is one of those snares that will sound great playing any kind of music. Super articulate snares, nice cracking rim-shot, warm back beats and plenty of volume when … Read More

Leedy 1957, 5×14″ Brown-Gold Duco 8 lug Snare, $599.00

Slingerland 5x14Brown gold Duco snare drum

Here is a sweet old snare. This drum probably cut it’s teeth in the south side of Chicago in a smokey jazz joint during the late 1950s. This drum has so much mokie that it’s cracking through the finish. The drum is in fantastic condition. No holes or modifications. 100% original. Nickel hardware with a … Read More

Carmine Appice’s Cactus, Slingerland Studio King Drum Set. PRICE REDUCED. WAS $7,995. NOW $5,995.

Carmine Appice Slingerland Sound King

This custom made Slingerland Studio King Drum Set was owned and used by Carmine Appice from 2004-2008. He used the set most notably in performances with Cactus and The Vanilla Fudge.  Custom Cactus logo bass drum heads are included. The set was made by Slingerland in Conway, AK in the early 2000s. The all maple … Read More


Slingerland Buddy Rich Model snare drum

SLINGERLAND, 1940s BUDDY RICH MODEL, WMP, 7X14 Wood shell. Nickel hardware. 16 lugs. Double flanged hoops. Oval Badge. Key holder with original Slingerland key. Excellent condition. NUMBER #58A PRICE $1,395.00 More photos available. Serious offers considered. SINGLE CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.

Gene Krupa’s, Slingerland Radio King Tom-Tom, $7,995.00

Gene Krupa’s, Slingerland Radio King Tom WMP 9×13 Slingerland 1940’s Radio King 9×13 tom. Calf heads. Band Aid muffler marks on head. Acquired in the late 40’s after a performance by the Gene Krupa Orchestra at the Trianon Ballroom in Seattle. Includes fiber care stenciled “GENE KRUPA ORCHESTRA”. See what appears to be this tom … Read More

Phil Ehart, Slingerland White/Copper KANSAS Set, $7,995.00

Phil Ehart, KANSAS Slingerland white wrapped wooden shells with custom copper hardware. 2, 24×14, 18×16, 16×16, 14×10, 13×13, 12×12, 10×10, 8×10, 6.5×14. Includes complete set of Slingerland copper plated cymbal stands and hardware. Used by Phil Ehart on Kansas tours from 1977 to 1979. See the drums in action in the videos below. Acquired directly … Read More

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